Things to Take into Account when Getting a New Oil Tank in New Jersey

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When you have to purchase a new oil tank or replace your current one, it is important to ensure you comply with the law; however, you also have to think practically. Here are pieces of information to help you understand what you must look and ask for once you obtain tank installation quotes from NJ oil tank removal experts.

Where to Place the Tank

The effect on your property, environment and health from an oil spill which may not be detected especially from an underground pipework or tank, can be serious. It’s imperative to think carefully about the right place to put your tank in and ensure compliance with local building regulations. Experts in New Jersey recommended getting the tank installed outside, above ground within a secondary containment system. The oil tank must be positioned to reduce risk of pollution and maximize security. Think about putting it in view of a room that is frequently occupied so that you keep an eye on it. These days, theft from oil tanks is common.

When you prefer to install your oil storage tank underground you may have to plan permission for the installation. And there may be some restrictions on locations to install the tank in sensitive groundwater areas.


Kinds of Oil Tanks

  • Above ground- Pick a tank which has been manufactured and tested to strict quality standards. It must be clearly marked with a maximum filling capacity in order to assist with ordering fuel.
  • Underground domestic tanks– Tanks that are specifically designed and manufactured are buried partially or wholly underground. Their special design enables them to extend the pressure exerted on the tanks’ outside when it is empty. It’s important to get specialist advice when you plan to install an underground tank. An expert in oil tank installation NJ follows instructions of the tank manufacturer for installing underground domestic oil tanks, the amount of infill and concrete as well as maximum depth.

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