Ways on How to Efficiently Use Google Search

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Google is everyone’s best friend. It has become one of the most important tools in daily life. Exploiting its full potential will help you make the most of it and maximize on your search. There are a number of known and unknown ways to do that.

Using tabs

Utilize the tab button in Google search. Every search is divided into sections which are web, image, news and more. These tabs can help find you what you are looking for more easily. You can get an image faster on the image tab, recent incoming news on the news and in the more tab you’ll find maps to identify location.

Using quotes

This helps in narrowing down to specifics. Google search will focus on the quote parameters and eliminate any guess work during the search. This will help in locating very specific information without having to go through other random searches and opening irrelevant pages.

Using hyphens

The hyphen helps in eliminating unnecessary results and ambiguous words. If a word has two meanings adding a hyphen to the search followed by the content you want to ignore, Google will eliminate it in the results. Thus only the relevant information is the feed.

Using colon

Another Google tips is using a colon which helps in specifying a particular website. It helps you in finding the subject you’re looking for in that website without searching in other sites; thus narrowing down to the most relevant results.

Finding links

Sometimes you may try to find links to other pages i.e. You are looking for a specific page that links to another specific page. Adding a colon after typing the word link followed by the second actual link will do the trick.

Using asterisks wildcard

This is a useful tool that helps in filling the gaps for you. Adding it in the search, will leave placeholders that are automatically filled later on by the search engine. It’s one of the ways to help you in finding the correct lyrics to a song.

Finding similar sites

When you’re looking for other options, you may want to find other sites similar to the current one you’re on, instead of starting a whole new search. Using the word related then a colon and followed by the current or the URL you are looking for, you will find related links to that already known.

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