Innovative Ideas for Selling Your Jewellery at Good Prices

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Once you have set up a business, it’s time for marketing i.e. adopting the strategies that allow you to sell your product readily at good prices. Same goes for jewelry pieces. This guide will give you few ideas, which you can adopt for attracting jewellery buyers.

Some Ideas to Sell Jewelry

  • Showing Your Jewelry Pieces With Attractive Photos

While choosing a picture of your jewelry piece, it’s important to use a solid and contrasting backdrop. Doing this way, the buyer’s attention is drawn towards your product immediately.

Selecting a plain fabric backdrop makes your product stand out from other things. Besides this, it’s important to cover all angles of the product. For more such suggestions, you can refer to

  • Increase Profits with Low Margins

Charging a rather lower price and capturing larger market share is a great way to increase your business profits. An initial lower price can attract buyers towards you and once you get a large market, you can even charge higher prices. There may be few losses in short run, but once you capture a larger market, profits will increase drastically.

However, make sure that you set the reserve price not so low because a very low price may send wrong signals about product quality.

  • Providing shipping Services

If you provide shipping services for your products, a positive impression in the mind of buyers gets created. For initiating a good shipping service, you must ensure to specify handling and shipping charges in your listing so that there is no ambiguity in mind of buyers with regards to product prices.

For this calculate shipping cost accurately as this cost generally varies by distance. For this you can put a shipping calculator in your listing.


Hope this guide will be useful for increasing jewelry sales in your business.

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